WildMoon Salsa Recipes


Customer at Pride of Dakota Showcase - "Best salsa ever. I come to POD for this every year! Wonderful!"

Customer on Amazon.com: "Excellent!  Thank you for a perfect product!"

Customer on Amazon.com:  "Tasty!"

Customer at Bismarck Pride of Dakota Showcase - "Made their WIldMoon Chicken Tortilla Soup - Absolutely Delish!!  Had to go online and order more cause I only picked up one at Pride of Dakota!"

Customer at Bismarck Pride of Dakota Showcase - "My parents bought some of your Habanero Salsa at the POD Show in Bismarck.  It was great.  I loved it.  Really nice bite..."

Customer at Fargo Pride of Dakota Showcase - "I bought some of the Habanero Salsa at the Fargo Pride of Dakota fair ... I was hoping to share it with friends and family for Thanksgiving.  Thanks."

Customer at Grand Forks Pride of Dakota Showcase re WildMoon Salsa- ..."I am completely obsessed with it!"

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Customer at Island Park Showcase, Fargo, ND - "I'll tell anyone who'll listen that you guys have the best salsa!"  (young boy)

Customer at Pride of Dakota, Bismarck, ND - "Your salsas are so good! They're fresh-tasting and so different from all the other salsas."

Potential Customer - "Do you have this product in a Minot Store?  Wonderful!!"