WildMoon Salsa

WildMoon Enterprises was launched in 2005 as a means to sell our salsas. Many customers ask how our unique company name came about. It is based on our President and Chief Salsa Maker’s name, Raul Luna. There is a play on words with Luna translating to “Moon” in English! Raul grew up in south Texas eating his mother’s homemade salsas, and after moving to the Midwest, crafted his original recipes for our salsas. WildMoon Enterprises is proud to be a veteran, women, and minority-owned company!

WildMoon Enterprises features four (4) very delicious salsas, each with its own unique recipe and taste. Our tomatillo-based salsa, Luna Salsa (like a Verde), was the first to be developed- followed by Salsa Red, Corn Salsa, and Habanero Salsa!